Ballet class

Ballet/ Technique I – (Friday 3 pm – 4 pm)
Ballet Level II – (Thursday 6 pm – 7 pm)
Ballet III – (Monday 6 pm – 7 pm)

Ballet is the foundation of all dance and one of the oldest styles of dance. Furthermore ballet helps dancers improve on their balance, focus, flexibility, strength, musicality, fluidity and expression. 

ASD children ballet class (1 hour) will focus on classical ballet technique beginning with 30 minutes of ballet barre and finish with 30 minutes of adagio and grande allegro.


K – 1st Grade – (Saturday 12 am – 1 pm)

Ballet/Tap class (1 hour) for 5, 6, 7 years old kids will cover 30 min of Ballet technique and 30 min of Tap dance each week. Students are allowed to take only a portion of the combo if desired.


    1st– 3rd Grade – (Monday 4 pm – 6 pm; Saturday 10 am – 12 am)
    4th– 6th Grade – (Tuesday 4 pm – 6 pm)

    During each Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Hip Hop dance combo class (2 hour) students will dance 40 minutes of each dance style: Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop. Students are allowed to take only a portion of the combo if desired.

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    Class Details

    Jennifer Stauss
    I, II, III