Pointe class and Pre-Pointe class

Age: 12 and older

Pointe class is good for more dedicated dancers who must be at least 12 years of age.

Pointe class will teach students the artistry of “dancing on one’s toes”. Students are never placed onto Pointe until they are ready and have been assessed by the instructor. It is considered an honor to be placed onto pointe and should be taken very seriously.

Our Pointe class incorporates classical ballet along with some contemporary techniques. You must also take a 1-hour Ballet class in addition to Pointe.

Students will work on foot and ankle strengthening exercises at the barre and will only advance to center work when they are ready. Safety is our main priority.

*Teacher permission required*

Please note

Not all dancers go onto Pointe at 12 years; there are even some professional ballerinas that didn’t begin Pointe work until 14 years of age!


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